How to Come Up with a Baby Name

How to Come Up with a Baby Name

One of the first things most people think about when they imagine having a child is what they would name him or her. Despite dreaming of this scenario for years, to come up with a baby name on the day of the birth is no easy feat.

How do most parents come up with potential names for their children? While there is no right or wrong way, some sources can be more fruitful than others.

Many parents-to-be often first turn to their network of close friends and family to get some ideas on what could be a good baby name. Some parents even decide to name their child after a highly appreciated person in their life after considering advice from their friends and family.

Other parents choose to look outward towards cultural symbols or people that have significance for them. Creating your own name works or using a baby name generator works too. How will you come up with a baby name?

Suggestions from Family and Friends

When you think about who knows you best in your life, who comes to mind? For most people, only a small group of friends and family would fit the bill. Talking to close friends and family about potential baby names can help new parents think about names connected to their current lives and culture, while maintaining links to their past. It can also be a clever way to announce that you’re expecting to your loved ones.

Many parents turn to their family and friends as a direct source for names as well. If you have strong affection for a loved one, naming your child after him or her can be a great way to show your appreciation and provide a beloved name to your child.

Families with multiple members who have the same name can consider naming the baby a variation of the original name, adding a suffix (like Jr.) or calling the child by a nickname or his or her middle name.

Getting Creative

In some families, parents hesitate to pass on a family name. When this is the case, parents can use names found in their family in a different way that better suits them. New parents can combine different family names that they do not prefer separately, so that Mary and Ann become Maryann, for example.

You can also take certain elements from multiple family names to create a new unique name. Instead of naming your child Kady after your grandmother or Susan after your partner’s grandmother, you decide to name her Sady.

Instead of creating a combination or unique name, many new parents also choose to repurpose family names. You can use your mother’s maiden name as your child’s middle name, for example.

A child with this sort of name could be named something like Mike Baker Brown. Parents can consider using an appealing last name as their child’s first name as well. Popular names like Carter and Murphy are common examples of last names becoming first names.

Meaningful People or Places

Inspiration for your baby’s name does not have to come from your personal or private life. Many new parents choose to name their children after their favorite characters in film, books and other genres. When we see a character play a role we appreciate, their name takes on the personality of the character in a way that we relate with.

Tons of parents come up with a baby name after a cherished character as a way to immediately connect with their child and inspire him or her to be as great as the character that he or she shares a name with.

A trend that has become popular is recent years has extended baby names from the realm of meaningful characters into the world of significant places and things. It is not uncommon to meet children with names of cities, states or even entire countries from around the planet.

Parents do not stop at naming their children after characters or places, either. Parents can choose from baby names based on colors, seasons, numbers, letters and most other things new moms and dads can dream up. If something has meaning for you, consider if it would work well as name for your baby.

Links to Your Cultural Heritage

Some parents do not want to give their child a common family name or a name inspired by a meaningful person or place, and instead turn towards their cultural heritage. A person’s cultural heritage can include the history and current events of their family, region, cultural group or any other group in which they identify.

Some people choose to name their children after influential political figures or activists who influenced their areas. Cultural figures that inspire you or who have worked to better your communities can be great places to look for a baby name.

New parents can turn for inspiration to the musicians, authors and other artists who represent their culture or fight for its betterment. When thinking about your baby’s name, think about your favorite songs and the artists behind them. Some parents have gone so far as to name their children after a specific song lyric.

Authors are another popular source for baby names, both their own names and the names of important characters in their publications. Any artist or artist’s work may offer you the baby name inspiration you have been seeking

Baby Name Generator

If you would like to get an idea of what sorts of baby names are popular at the moment, you can try a baby name generator. These digital tools can usually incorporate different types of filters to help you get a long list of potential baby names.

Even if you already have a list of potential baby names, using a baby name generator can introduce you to new names that you and your loved ones would never have thought of. Without costing you a dime, a baby name generator may help you come up with a baby name that suits your child.