Best Names for Multiple Kids

Best Names for Multiple Kids

If you have a big family or are expecting a set of twins, triplets or even quadruplets, then you might be considering finding a cute naming technique to make all your family seem more put-together than it may really be.

Using a naming technique is a great way to commemorate the bond your family has with one another and to ensure your friends and extended family can remember your children’s names. As a bonus, your kids will likely enjoy their creative names and appreciate the fact that you did not conform to traditional naming methods.

To give you some inspiration to start your own naming trend for your kiddos, the following sections explain some of the most common and most interesting naming methods used for multiple kids in a single family. Feel free to use ideas from any of the sections below when beginning your search for the perfect kids’ names for your little ones, but do not be afraid to experiment with your own naming technique.

Using the Same First Letter

The Kardashians are widely known to feature all first names starting with the letter “K,” but they are not the only ones to use such a clever strategy to name their children. While Kris Jenner chose “K” names to continue a family tradition, the Douggar family decided to name all their 19 kids with names that start with the letter “J.”

Staying consistent with this naming method can make your children’s names sound cute, put-together and fun. Any letter of the alphabet will do, but be sure to check how the first name sounds with your family’s name. Additionally, use names that sound dissimilar enough for the kids to easily distinguish between each other. When children are young, it might be difficult for them to recognize their name if it sounds too much like their siblings’.

Using Themes

Although some specific naming themes will be discussed in later sections, you can think about an object, activity or event that has a special meaning for you and your family that you may want to honor in your children’s names.

For instance, if you enjoy classical theater, you could name your children after Shakespearean characters. Or maybe you could pull names from the Harry Potter books if they were a big part of your childhood.

The themes you choose do not have to be obvious to anyone except yourself, but they should have a significance to you. Take your time to consider the naming possibilities and discuss your options with your partner.

Using Celebrities

Celebrities can impact your life greatly, so wanting to name your children after a few famous actors, singers or stars is not uncommon. Celebrities’ names are not exclusive to them, and you might even find that you like the sound of a celeb’s name whom you did not know. Consider researching some celebrities and looking for cute names that catch your eye.

For example, Adele, Ariana or Benedict may make a perfect baby name for your bundle of joy. Use a bunch of celebrity names for your children to make a star-studded family.

Baby names that celebrities have used can also be great sources of inspiration for you. You have probably seen the headlines claiming that another set of famous parents decided to name their child something odd like “Apple,” but some really unique names are given to celebrity babies on a near-daily basis. Peruse a list of cool celebrity baby names and choose the right ones for your kids.

Note: Try to avoid using celebrity’s stage names when naming your kids. Usually, the stage names may be too eccentric to write on a birth certificate.

Using Mythology

Have you ever wanted to be named after a Greek god? Well, you can still use Greek mythology to name your big family. Luckily, you have plenty of interesting tales to choose from.

These names will stand out and might even encourage your family to learn more about mythology! From half-animal, half-human creatures to gods wielding supernatural powers, there are countless names to use in mythology.

Also, you do not have to stick with Greek myth. Explore Welsh, Celtic, English and Chinese mythology to broaden your search and find even more beautiful baby names. Some of the most common mythology-inspired baby names are as follows:

  • Zeus, Apollo and Hermes
  • Adonis, Atlas and Damon

Note: While you may be tempted to use both common and exotic names, it is best to stick with one or the other when naming your children. This will prevent obvious discrepancies and arguments among the family in the future. You want to avoid making your children think you spent more time selecting a name for one kid over another.

Using Rhyming or Word Play

Rhyming your children’s names can be an easy way to make them all match. Rhyming may be best for twins, triplets or quadruplets, but you can use this naming strategy for any of your children. Though, the names could use the same prefix rather than suffix, if you want them to sound a little more distinguishable. For instance, you can use names like Lyla, Lydian, Lykke or Lynn.

Another naming strategy involves the alphabet. Instead of using just a single letter, you can use the entire alphabet, moving on to the next letter for each child. Unless you have more than 26 kids, this is a safe way to ensure you will not run out of naming options.

Using Disney

From Tom and Jerry to the Disney princesses, Disney has plenty of awesome names for twins, triplets, quadruplets and beyond. Even if you just want to your kids to have sweet and innocent names to grow into, Disney has you covered. Not only will these names be special to you and your partner, but your children will be able to grow up watching Disney and get excited seeing their names appear on the screen.

Using Meanings

Every name has a unique meaning. If you want a subtle way to connect your kids’ names together, then try searching for names with similar meanings and looking through the list.

First, however, you should determine what you would like your children’s names to mean. Examples of these types of names are provided below:

  • Clarissa and Leonora (meaning: bright)
  • Asher and Felix (meaning: happy)
  • Jude and Tahila (meaning: praise)
  • Cyrus, Samson, Kalindi and Surya (meaning: sun)
  • Owen, Walter, Sasha, Louise, Kane and Clancy (meaning: warrior)
  • Ada, Alice, Arthur, Freya, Sari and Oberon (meaning: noble)
  • Becan, Kieran, Gavin, Lorcan, Reagan and Ronan (meaning: little)

The meaning of a name can reflect a child’s personality or just be a nice way to show the world how you felt when welcoming a new member of your family. You can use virtually any word or phrase and find a few names meaning those words or phrases.

However, the word or phrase you can choose may depend on how many children you would like to share the same or similar meaning.